8 Interesting Facts on Plywood

Plywood is widely used as a building material and has many useful properties. It has multi-dimensional usage. Plywood is an engineered wood product that is made from gluing more that one sheet of wood. You might have used plywood while constructing your home; however, there are many interesting facts about plywood that you might not be aware of. Here we have provided a list of interesting facts about plywood for you:

1. Plywood has inner and outer layers. Each of these layer are 3 millimeters thick. Since its is made with multiple layers, plywood are extremely durable and also, light weight.

2. The interior layer of the plywood is usually made of cheaper wood while that outer layers are made of using strong wood. The multiple layers of plywood are compressed using strong heat. To protect it from twisting and warping, the plywood board is rotated in 90 degrees.

3. Plywood is a durable alternative for solid wood. If you do not want to invest a lot of cash in buying solid wood, you can go for plywood. Its multiple design gives it a rustic appearance.

4. Plywood has multiple usage. You can use it for creating cabinets, flooring, paneling, modular kitchen, desk, table,beds,and other furniture.

Plywood tea table

5. You can pick from two different variety of plywood- hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is mainly made of woods such as maple, mahogany, oak, or birch. On the other hand, softwood ply is made of woods such as spruce or pine.

6. Plywoods are specially treated to endure regular wear and tear. They are treated for being resistant to water, fire, insulation, and any other impact.

7. Plywood comes in multiple grades. These grades are determined by the strength, defects, moisture resistance, discolouration and other properties of the plywood. These grades are- N, A, B,C and D. The D grade plywood has a few surface defects, while the N grade has minimal surface defects.

8. The types of plywood include External plywood, structural plywood, internal plywood, and marine plywood.

The multiple usage, cost effectiveness and the unique characteristics of plywood has made it an ultimate choice for building materials. If you want to use plywood for constructing your home or furniture, and if you want to know which company togo for, we can help you with that. You can choose from a range of plywoods offered by Greenply. They are the best plywood company in India and have products to suit every taste.

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